Dr. John Archer's First Medical Ledger, 1767-1769, Annotated Abstracts


Dr. John Archer (1741-1810) was born near Churchville, Maryland. He commenced his medical practice in New Castle County, Delaware, in 1767 and then moved back to Baltimore (now Harford) County, Maryland in 1769. A substantial part of the entries were written in Latin. Of importance to family historians and genealogists are the names, ranks, occupations, and locations of patients (both blacks and whites) which were written in English. Relationships were written in Latin as well as English, and dates of treatment and manner of payment (whether in cash or trade) were in English. Originally published by Harford County Genealogical Society as Special Publication No. 19.

Henry C. Peden, Jr

1997, paper, map, 35 pp.

ISBN:  9780788477560