Richmond County, Virginia Deed Book Abstracts 1726-1774, Account Book 1 and Deed Books 9-13


The bulk of what is presented here are abstracts of items found in Richmond County Deed Books 9 (1734-1741) through 13 (1768-1774). This main run of abstracts continues where previous publication of deed transcripts by Ruth and Sam Sparacio, ended with Deed Book 8, which concluded with a court term in March 1734. Deed Books 9 and 10, for 1734-1750, were abstracted by T. L. C. Genealogy, but are chiefly found only in libraries and are no longer available for purchase; that period is replicated in this series. In addition, included here are abstracts of a group of deeds and indentures, for 1726-1749, recorded in Account Book 1, 1724-1783, which do not appear in any deed book.

The period covered here is early enough that many of the placenames have now morphed into different spellings or names entirely. These records reveal changes in parish and county names and boundaries.

Many records detail a chain of title, some for more than fifty years, that links to a patent or grant. Other items refer to papers of the General Court (see Index entry), but the records of Virginia's colonial government have, for the most part, been destroyed.

Several deeds refer to Last Will and Testaments, recorded previous to 1699, that are now lost from the records of Richmond County, and in some instances, may be referred to in an early Order Book. Also of interest is Deed Book 13 where may be found a description of roads (from point A to point B) and a list of persons appointed to keep each road in repair. For all intents and purposes, these lists show who lived along each of the roads described. From this, one might be better equipped to build a neighborhood! Numerous maps and an index to full-names, places, and subjects add to the value of this work.

Wesley E. Pippenger

2021, 8½x11, paper, index, 320 pp.

ISBN: 9781585491179