Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Volume 21


Includes the following families: Allaby, Battershell (revision of vol. 2), Blunt (revision of vol. 5), Burchinall, Carty/McCarty (revision of vol. 2), Chicken, Christian (revision of vol. 2), Church (revision of vol. 2), Coppedge (revision of vol. 2), Crabbin, Devonish (revision of vol. 1), Dillahunte, Eareckson (revision of vol. 4), Fillingham (revision of vol. 1), Gooding (revision of vol. 2), Hackett (revision of vol. 1), Hamer (revision of vol. 4), Higginbothom, Jobson (revision of vol. 2), Kenslaugh (revision of vol. 2), Knock (revision of vol. 1), Madden (revision of vol. 1), Maxfield/Maxwell, Meconicon, Millward (revision of vol. 1), Milton (revision of vol. 1), Peacock, Piner, Ponder, Primrose, Rain (revision of vol. 1), Salter (revision of vol. 5), Sertain, Simcocks (revision of vol. 5), Skaggs, Sliney, Slipper, Strong, True (Trew), Workman, Younger (revision of vol. 1).

Henry C. Peden Jr.

2005, 5½x8½, paper, index, 329 pp.

ISBN: 9781680347517