Abstracts of Marriages and Deaths in Harford County, Maryland Newspapers, 1837-1871


Mr. Peden's latest book includes abstracts of marriage and death notices from the following newspapers, The Aegis and Intelligencer, 1864-1871; The Harford Democrat, 1856-1871; The Madisonian (Harford & Baltimore Advertiser), 1837-1857; The Havre de Grace Republican, 1868-1871; The Southern Aegis, 1857-1864. Information was gleaned not only from the marriage and death notices but also from news and local affairs items as well as execxutor and administrator notices and also the occasional "removals from voter registration lists" that were published.

Henry C. Peden, Jr.

(2005), 2019, 5½x8½, paper, index, 194 pp

ISBN: 9781680349443