Deed Abstracts Belmont County, Ohio, Volume D, E, and F (1811-1817)

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Deed Abstracts Belmont County, Ohio, Volume D, E, and F (1811-1817)
Lorraine Indermill Quillon


This volume consists of an index to Belmont County, Ohio deeds recorded officially between 1811 and 1817; however, the execution dates may occasionally fall outside that range. The main purpose of this volume, and this series, is to act as an index to the original records. Entries typically include: volume and page of the deed book on which the document appears; date of execution; grantor (and wife) and residence; grantee and residence; amount of consideration offered; land description; history of land; neighbors; if conveyed in fee simple, date by which payments should be completed if done in installments; amount of land involved; the way the grantor(s) signed the document; names of witnesses; name of interviewer (and his office) who conducted the acknowledgment interview (and date of interview if date of document and its recording date are separated by a substantial period of time); and recording data. Some of these items may be missing in some deeds. This handy reference book will be a valuable aid to Belmont County researchers. Numerous plats and an extensive full name index add to the value of this work.

(2008), 2020, 6x9, paper, index, 266 pp

ISBN: 9780788445545