The Rollins Family in the New Hampshire Provincial Deeds, 1655-1771


This new research guide is sure to earn a place among the invaluable resources on the bookshelves of genealogists and other researchers interested in the early settlers of New Hampshire. John Rodman Rollins' 1874 book, Records of Families of the Name Rawlins or Rollins in the United States, still stands as a benchmark despite its numerous errors and omissions. With these thoroughly researched and meticulously documented abstracts, however, Alden M. Rollins has provided a much needed companion to the 1874 work. Mr. Rollins strongly believes that deed records are still an under-utilized source of information for genealogists, and he has well supported his claim with the thoroughness of this collection.

From the 100 volumes of the New Hampshire Provincial Deeds, Mr. Rollins has examined every recorded document for references to the Rollins family name. If a Rollins was mentioned in any capacity, whether buyer, seller, witness, relative, neighbor, spouse, etc., the author has abstracted and partly transcribed the deed. The deeds usually contain such information as hometowns and occupations of seller and buyer, purchase price, a description of the property, signature or mark of the seller, names of witnesses and the date of transaction. The deeds are cited by volume and page number, and the Rollins names appear in boldface. Mr. Rollins has included an elaborate and very helpful introduction, which explains in extensive detail the history, structure and variety of the deeds. He has also provided examples of how the deeds can be used to follow a family line, to confirm information from other sources, and to enhance understanding of the social and economic context of the period. In a few deeds, Mr. Rollins has added a note to explain a connection to a Rollins in the 1874 John Rodman Rollins book. There are three indices. The first allows the researcher to find all references to Rollins family members by indexing their Christian names. The second is an everyname index of all other individuals. The last indices the landmarks cited in the deeds.

Alden M. Rollins

1997, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 204 pp. 

ISBN: 9780788406737