The Story of Old Fort Johnson, New York


The Story of Old Fort Johnson, New York - W. Max Reid. "Old Fort Johnson" was not really a fort; it was the home of the famous Sir William Johnson, Major General and Indian Commissioner during the French and Indian War, Pontiac's Rebellion and the beginning of the Revolution. This is not so much the story of Old Fort Johnson as it is the story of Sir William Johnson, his family and the people who circulated in their lives and influenced early American history. After his first wife bore his children and died, he took two Indian "wives." The first, Caroline Hendrick, was a niece of the famous Mohawk chief, King Hendrick. After Caroline died, her niece, Molly Brant, bore Johnson several more children. Sir William's son, Sir John Johnson, later took up residence at Fort Johnson. This book tells about Johnson's birthplace in Ireland, how he built his fortune in the New World, his exploits at the Battle of Lake George, his influence with the Indians, the history of the war in the Mohawk Valley, the diary of William Colbraith at Fort Schuyler and the episode known as the murder of the maidens, the capture of Walter N. Butler, Hans Yost Schuyler and others, the Battle of Stone Arabia, Klock's field, raids of Joseph Brant, Colonel Marinus Willett and the Battle of Dorlach (Sharon Springs), the life of Lady Johnson, the will of Sir William Johnson, genealogy of the Johnson family, land grants, miscellaneous history of the area, Mohawk Indian legends and other interesting topics. More than fifty illustrations of Fort Johnson and various locations described in the text make this a collectible volume. The original full name index lists places as well as names. (1906), 2005, 5½x8½, indices, 356 pp.

ISBN: 9780788408892