Alton [Belknap County], New Hampshire, Vital Records, 1890-1997

Early vital records of many New Hampshire towns can be located either through the state’s Vital Records Department or on microfilms made available through LDS Family History Centers. Some, however, have been lost or are inaccessible for various reasons. A valuable source of information for events occurring after 1886 is the vital statistics which are provided in a section of the Annual Town Reports of many New Hampshire towns. The author has gathered this information to be used as a valuable tool for the genealogist. As a popular tourist and vacation destination, may out-of-state couples, particularly from the Boston area, have been married in Alton. Many immigrants from Canada, or their children, have lived in Alton during the time period covered. Birth information includes (where available): child’s name; date of birth; place of birth; the number of children in the family; father’s name, place of birth and occupation; and the mother’s maiden name, age and place of birth. The residence of the parents is given when it is other than Alton. Marriage records include (where available): groom’s name; groom’s residence; bride’s name; bride’s residence; date of marriage; place of marriage; ages; occupations; number of the marriage; father’s name, place of birth and occupation; mother’s name, place of birth and occupation. The name of the official who conducted the marriage has been omitted. Death records include (when available): name of deceased; place of death; date of death; age at death; cause of death; marital status; birthplace; father’s name and place of birth; mother’s name and place of birth. Later entries give the residence of the individual.
Richard P. Roberts
(1999, 2014), 2021, 5½x8½, paper, 618 pp.

ISBN: 9780788411458