A Genealogy of Runnells and Reynolds Families in America


With Records and Brief Memorials of the Earliest Ancestors, So Far As Known, and Many of Their Descendants, Bearing the Same and Other Names

Runels, Runnels, Runeles, Runells, Runnells, Runils, Runails, Renolls and Reynolds are among forty-nine different spellings encountered by the author while compiling this work. The author interviewed “cousins,” wrote over 800 letters, sent out circulars, and inspected public documents in town and county archives in conducting his research. Genealogical memoirs are grouped into three parts: Samuel Runels (1703–1745), including seven generations; Job Runels/Runals (1713–1762), including six generations; and Job Runels/Runals (1718–1756), including six generations. Individual numbered records for male and female descendants contain (where available) birth, death and marriage dates, lists of children, and brief biographical information. Seven appendices cover: “The Earliest Reynolds Families of New England, with a Partial Genealogy of Robert Reynolds, of Boston, 1632–1659,” other Reynolds families originating in New England, Reynolds families that settled in America outside of New England, Runnels families in New Hampshire, Runnels families in Maine, Valentine Runnels in Massachusetts, and miscellaneous genealogical notes. Persons engaged in military service are grouped by war (King Philip’s War 1675-6, French War 1755-60, American Revolution 1775–1783, English War 1812-14, Mexican War 1846-7, and Civil War 1861-5) and listed alphabetically in a “Roll of Honor” section. A given name plus birth date index and an index of full names enhance the text.

Rev. M. T. Runnels

(1873, 1999), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 372 pp.

ISBN: 9780788413247