The Plantagenet Roll of The Blood Royal, The Anne of Exeter Volume


Being A Complete Table Of All The Descendants Now Living of Edward III, King of England

Over 300 peers are descended from Anne (Plantagenet), Duchess of Exeter. The lines from Duchess Anne are traced out in a series of Tables until the mid-19th century; then, in the body of the book, the descendants of the various persons last-named in the Tables are set out in the order of primogeniture. The full dates of birth, marriage, and death are given. Descendants include persons in every station of life. This volume completes the Roll of the descendants of Richard, Duke of York, whose claim to the throne led to the Wars of the Roses. Summarizing the three volumes now published, we have here a single pedigree containing the names of from thirty to thirty-five thousand of his living descendants and showing 128,031 separate lines of descent from him. The index contains over 3200 different surnames.

The Marquis of Ruvigny & Raineval

ISBN: 9780788417719