The Maryland Original Research Society of Baltimore: Bulletins 1-3


The mission of the Maryland Original Research Society of Baltimore City (founded in 1906) was to collect, preserve and publish public and private records relating to the traditions and history of Maryland, including genealogies of Maryland families. They published three bulletins between 1906 and 1913. Each Bulletin offers a wealth of genealogical data, including cemetery inscriptions by location, and concludes with a new full name index.

Bulletin 1 opens with "A Sidelight on Maryland History," and the Lloyds of "Wye House" in Talbot County, followed by Tilghman Hilleary's Bible records, Dorchester and Kent County marriage licenses, Goldsborough family records, and witchcraft in 1792.

Bulletin 2 opens with a genealogical sketch of Frances Scott Key and the Key family, followed by accounts of the birthplace of the Presbyterian Church in America, the Otterbein Church, the Bordley family, early Maryland settlers, Hungerford Tavern in Rockville, the Laird family, a letter from Alexander Hamilton, Abbot family Bible records, Ebenezer Cooke, Joshua Fry, and much more.

Bulletin 3 contains Winder family records, Worcester County parish records, colonial ships and their masters, Samual Brown Bible records, and many other fascinating tidbits.

Maryland Research Society

(1906, 1910, 1912), 2001, paper, index, 366 pp,

ISBN: 9780788418198