Revised History of Harlem [City of New York, New York]

Its Origin and Early Annals. Also Sketches of Numerous Families and the Recovered History of the Land Titles

This extensive history of the town of Harlem begins with the European origins of its earliest white inhabitants and follows their progress through the transition from New Amsterdam to New York, up to 1687. Topics include the discovery and charting of Manhattan Island; early settlements; land patents; New Harlem; the capture of New Amsterdam; mills, and breweries; and much more. The historical narrative of Harlem is followed by over 300 pages of genealogical material. The Benson, Bogert, Brevoort, Bussing, Delamater, Dyckman, Haldron, Kiersen, Kortright, Low, Montanye, Myer, Nagel, Oblenis, Tourneur, Vermilye, Verveelen, and Waldron families are all represented. An appendix provides further information on the De Forest family, the Montanye family, Town Officers (1660-1710), the division of common lands, and various estates. Illustrated with engravings, maps and facsimiles of documents.


James Riker


ISBN: 9780788418204