History of Woodford County, Kentucky


Woodford County "was first surveyed and shaped in 1788, before the district of Kentucky was admitted to statehood, and was then a part of the county of Fayette…" This interesting account of the county's history is intermingled with biographical sketches of its people from pioneer days. Most sketches are brief, but very detailed. Religion, societies and organizations, pensions from the Revolution, public officials and much more are touched on. The transcribed data from the 1810 census lists the head of household and the number of slaves owned by each-"the colored population of Woodford, slaves and free, almost equaled in number the whites at that time…" A section on marriage records for 1789-1799 lists entries chronologically. Loaded with names, several photos of homes, and a fold-out map of Woodford County.


William E. Railey 

(1938), 2008, paper, index, 478 pp.

ISBN: 9780788420252