The Kansas Conflict


An exceptional account of the struggle between Free-State and Slave-State parties, recounted here by one of "the most conspicuous and influential leaders of the Free-State party", Charles Robinson, who was the first Governor of the State of Kansas. This book includes the following topics: Slavery and Anti-Slavery, Colonization Society, American Anti-Slavery Society, Liberty and Free-Soil Parties, Weapons and Machinery, Characteristics of Contestants, Eastern and Western Settlers, The Overland Route to California in 1849, The Sacramento Riot, Situation in the East, Eli Thayer and his Associates, Settlement of Lawrence, Claim Controversies, Settlements, Elections, The First Kansas Celebration of the Fourth of July, The Territorial Legislature, The Topeka Constitution, The Murder of Dow, The Wakarusa War, Murder and Burial of Barber, A Congressional Investigation, The Marshal's Invasion of Lawrence, May 21, 1856, Shooting of Jones, An Official Riot, Arrest of Robinson, Protest to the

President, Reeder's Escape, The Potawatomie Massacre, Dispersion of the State Legislature, The Parts Played by Lane and Brown, Free-State and Pro-Slavery Forces, Arrival of Governor Geary, End of the War, The Presidential Election, Governor Geary's Failure, State and Territorial Elections in 1857, Lecompton Constitution, Leavenworth Constitution, Ultra Radicals, Montgomery and Brown, Marais des Cygnes Massacre, Brown's Parallels, Arts of Peace, The Killing of Jenkins, Admission of Kansas to the Union, Secession, The Governor's First Message, Troops Called, Lane's Brigade and Jay-Hawking, Lane's Influence at Washington. A new fullname index and an appendix section detailing correspondence about John Brown complete this work.


Charles Robinson


(1892), 2002, paper, index, 530 pp.

ISBN: 9780788421754