The Moravians in North Carolina, An Authentic History


A historical work that begins by looking at North Carolina in 1752, this work has large print and a new full name index. It is easy to follow and interesting for those desiring additional knowledge of North Carolina's early history. The chapters contain information on: the political and social condition of North Carolina in 1752; Wachovia; the first settlement at Bethabara, 1753; the Indian War (Bethania, 1759); F. W. de Marshall; Salem, 1766; Friedberg, 1772; Friedland, 1780; Hope, 1780; the Revolutionary War; "Half a Century, 1803;" Salem Female Academy, 1804; Indian Mission, 1801; Negro Mission, 1822; Home Mission, 1835; new congregations, 1830; older congregations, 1806-1856; "List of Ministers and Other Brethren in the Service of the Province in General, and of the Salem Congregation in Particular;" ministers of the country congregations; and the Brethren's Unity. In addition to the information found in the main text there are four appendices. The appendices include information on: the first settlers and heads of families, churches and other public buildings, houses built in Salem (1766-1816), plus additions and notes.

Rev. Levin T. Reichel

(1857), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 206 pp.

ISBN: 9780788422591