The Descendants of William Brown, (1819-1908) and Isabella Kennedy, (1820-1894) of Ireland, Scotland, and Hampton Falls, New Hampshire


William Brown and Isabella Kennedy married in County Down, Ireland, in 1835. They had five children born in Ireland before emigrating to Wigtonshire, Scotland, about 1846. There they sojourned for twenty-five years during which they had another five children, and their older children married local residents with surnames Thompson, Drysdale, and Whenal. Around 1870 William and Isabella, and all their living children and grandchildren, emigrated to New Hampshire. They settled in Hampton Falls, thereby adding another family of Browns to those already there, and establishing the Drysdale and Whenal families in that area.

Wilma T. Regan and Laird C. Towle

ISBN: 9781556130281