Index to Baptisms, Burials and Confirmations, Second German Evangelical Lutheran Church, Baltimore City, Maryland, 1835-1867


Second German Evangelical Lutheran was one of the earliest German-speaking congregations established in Baltimore, Maryland. Fortunately, the surviving baptismal and burial registers of Second German Lutheran Church are intact from its founding in late 1835 until its closure in late 1867. The original documents are entirely in German. The author has transcribed the German entries as closely as possible from the original within the limits of legibility. The majority of this work is divided into baptisms, burials and confirmations. These three sections are arranged alphabetically by surname. Each baptism entry includes the following information: surname, child’s given name, birth date, baptismal date, father’s given name, father’s place of birth, mother’s surname and given name, mother’s place of birth, surname and given name of witnesses, and comments. Total baptisms from 1837 until 1867 were 3,042 with more than 12,000 names. Each burial entry includes the following information: surname of decedent, given name of decedent, date of death, date of burial, birth date or age, place of birth, survivor(s) and comments. Because survivor information is provided, it is relatively easy to see how the deceased fit into a given family. The total number of burials entered from 1837 to 1867 is 1,046 with roughly 2,500 names. Unfortunately, there is an incomplete record of confirmations, and confirmation data are rather scant. These entries typically include: surname, given name and date of confirmation. The total number of confirmations is 822. An index is provided to all names other than the subject of the event, as subjects are already listed alphabetically by surname. Since there are so many geographic place names extracted from this church register, a place name index is also included.

Gary B. Ruppert, M.D.

(2006), 2016, 5½x8½, paper, index, 424 pp.

ISBN: 9780788433702