Rochester, New Hampshire Death Records, 1887-1951

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Rochester, New Hampshire Death Records, 1887-1951 - Richard P. Roberts. Rochester's annual city reports contained the vital records for the years between 1887 and 1951, at which point the information was no longer published. Because of Rochester's relatively large population, the births, marriages and deaths for this period would each fill a volume. The death records preserved in this volume will provide a wealth of useful data for genealogists. The information contained in the annual reports varies during the time period covered by this book, but entries are likely to contain all or most of the following: name of decedent, date of death, age at death, and place of death. Many records also contain the cause of death, occupation, marital status, color, place of birth, and name and birthplace of father and mother. Early records are far more detailed and comprehensive. Records are arranged alphabetically. 2006, 5½x8½, paper, alpha., 616 pp.

ISBN: 9780788435706