The Pirate Round: Early Eighteenth Century Maritime Navigation during The Golden Age of Piracy


The eighteenth century was an era of greatly expanding worldwide trade, wholly dependant on shipping: but before the creation of reliable instruments, safely sailing your ship to your destination-and back-largely depended on the skill and knowledge of the ships' navigator. During an age when navigation was considered to be more of an art than a science, how did they do it and stay alive to make their fortunes?The Pirate Round examines the relatively unknown aspect of maritime navigation, using the period of 1690-1730 when some of the most adventurous ocean voyages, taking many months at sea, were made not by explorers or traders... but by predators! Part One explains the background before and after the period in question; Part Two offers the reader a chance to have-a-go at recreating historical maritime navigation; Part Three gives more detailed historical information, some useful figures and discusses the developments in navigation that finally turned the art into a science and in doing so saved hundreds of seaman's lives. The book contains exclusive photographs, illustrations and maps based on the historically-recreated voyages of the author. Join historic mariners such as Sir Francis Drake, 'Black Bart' Roberts and Captain James Cook-open this book to set sail on your own voyage of discovery!

Richard Rutherford-Moore

2007, 6x9, paper, 128 pp.

ISBN: 9780788437076