East Tennessee Tax Records Index Volume I: Washington County, 1778-1821


Tax records are a goldmine of genealogical information, but without a master index, research can be very time consuming. The need for such an index became apparent to the author as he searched for his Washington County, Tennessee, ancestors. As a result, the author has compiled this three-volume series to aid genealogists and family historians. Volume I covers forty-four years and contains 23,479 individuals. Records prior to 1830 are especially important because very few Tennessee federal census returns survived before then. In 1935, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) oversaw the transcription of the original tax records. The 1778–1827 portion of this index was compiled using these records.

Geoffrey D. Rasmussen

(2005). 2016, 8½x11, paper, alpha., 242 pp.

ISBN: 9780788438073