A Civil War Reenactor's Guidebook


A Civil War Reenactor’s Guidebook offers living historians a treasure trove of information that will appeal to practicing reenactors, potential participant and curious spectators. In the pages of this book readers will learn how to camp in a style reminiscent of Civil War soldiers. Tips linked to effective marching and safety practices are offered in a way that will assist participants.

Sections dedicated to period health remedies, language of the time period, and the experiences of soldiers, civilians, and children in those long gone days will afford readers insights into not only the material world of Civil War America but also aspects of social history.

Throughout the pages of this book readers will find information, tips, and suggestions honed by years of practical experience and research. In this way, A Civil War Reenactor’s Guidebook is a unique publication and one that should be of interest and assistance to Civil War reenactors and students of this pivotal time in American history. A wealth of period illustrations enhance the text. The author has included resources for additional reading and research in a variety of related areas.

Greg M. Romaneck

2007, 5½x8½, paper, 262 pp.

ISBN: 9780788443633