A Genealogy of the Ricker Family [2 Volumes]


This 12-generation genealogy—a work in progress since 1905--tracks almost 350 years of Ricker family history, from 1647 to 1990, beginning with brothers George and Maturin Ricker, immigrants from the Isle of Jersey (off the coast of France) who settled in present-day Dover, New Hampshire, in the late 17th century. The introductory pages contain histories of George and Maturin, as well as an account of Ricker origins in 11th-century Saxony; the Ricker Coat of Arms and heraldry information is also included. More than 500 sources have been tapped to produce this work, which includes more than 40,000 individuals (and more than 2,800 different surnames).Female as well as male lines have been researched; but the direct Ricker line is the focus. The genealogy is laid out in Register style for the user's ease. First, second and third marriages are detailed, as well as names of adopted and bastard children; and Mayflower connections too. The Rickers were one of the first New Hampshire families; this genealogy traces their movement through New England, and then into Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and eastern townships of Canada, as well as most of the United States, as family branches moved north and west. Within these records can be found the military history of Rickers who served in the French and Indian, Revolutionary, 1812, Aroostook, Seminole, Civil, Spanish-American and Vietnam wars, as well as WWI and WWII. A 1689 map of Cocheco, New Hampshire (present-day Dover area), portraits of Rickers and illustrations of Ricker homes and property complement the genealogy. An everyname index and index of localities make finding information easy.

Percy Leroy Ricker and Elwin R. Holland

(1996), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 2 vols., 792 pp.

ISBN: 978078845546