Andrew Horace Burke: A Man For All Seasons


Andrew Horace Burke: A Man for All Seasons is a historical novel about the life of Andrew Horace Burke, who was orphaned at the age of four in New York City when his mother died during childbirth and his father was killed in an industrial fire. He was sent to the Children’s Aid Society and, at the age of nine, rode an Orphan Train to Indiana along with John Green Brady, who later became governor of the Alaska Territory. Burke joined the Civil War at the age of twelve as a drummer boy for the 75th Indiana Regiment. Because little is known about the battles he fought in, the author has fictionalized his life as a drummer boy and medic during the war. From his discharge to his return to Indiana, everything is historically accurate. A wealth of photographs and illustrations augment the narrative. This book is a companion volume to The Orphan Train to Destiny: The Life of John Green Brady. The fact that two boys who became fast friends should rise to governorship: Burke to become the governor of North Dakota and Green to become the governor of Alaska is an incredible coincidence. What a tribute to the opportunity and greatness of America!

Tom Riley

2016, 5½x8½, paper, 70 pp. 

ISBN: 9780788456930