Marriages and Deaths from the New Yorker, 1836-1841


National Genealogical Society No. 46.

In 1836, The New Yorker began a "double quarto edition." This 16-page weekly came out on Saturday and continued to be published until 13 March 1841. Each issue had two features that are of genealogical importance:

  1. Lists of marriages and deaths, and
  2. Descriptions of deaths resulting from shipwrecks, duels or suicides.

These events covered not only New York City and New York state, but also such events throughout the nation and abroad. This material is excerpted and consists of approximately 5,000 deaths and 3,000 marriages.

Deaths are arranged alphabetically. Marriages are arranged by the name of the groom. The Index is to the other names found in the entries.

Kenneth Scott

1980, cloth, 301 pp.