Hanover County, Virginia Land Tax Book, 1793-1796


This publication abstracts the Land Tax Returns of Hanover County for the years 1793-1796 returned by John Priddy, Commissioner for District No. 1, Saint Paul's Parish; for the years 1794-1795 returned by Harry Lawrence, Commissioner for Saint Martin's Parish; and for the year 1796 by John Thompson, Commissioner for Saint Martin's Parish. These returns listed the names of the land owners, the number of acres owned, the value of an acre, the amount of the total valuation of the land and the amount of tax assessed. The returns of John Priddy also contain a list of Lot Owners, number of Lots and valuation and taxes for Hanover Town and Newcastle. The Returns of John Priddy are considerably faded, but all in all, were better than the other returns so that it was only necessary to reconstruct several small portions. The Land Tax Books appear to be compilations of loose papers and are not consecutively numbered. The page numbers assigned in the book are for convenience of preparation. As in the other Hanover County Land Tax Books, the conveyances of land, from whom to whom and how many acres are included within each return; also there are several instances where Wills are mentioned and indications of relationships of person receiving the land.

Ruth and Sam Sparacio

(1997), 2016, paper, 124 pp.

ISBN: 9781680342222