History of Schoharie County and Border Wars of New York


Containing also a Sketch of the Causes Which led to the American Revolution and Interesting Memoranda of the Mohawk Valley. Together with much other historical and miscellaneous matter never before published

The author began collecting material, “with the view of making it public”, in 1837. He endeavored to “present incidents which have escaped the knowledge of previous writers, or transactions to which I could add new facts, generally noticing in their place, however, the most important events published by other authors.” To this end, he interviewed “many hoary-headed persons of intelligence”, seeking “individuals sustaining a character of conscientious regard for the truth.” This highly readable and informative work covers the typical general history material, with much information on interaction with the Indians and the Revolutionary War, and many esoteric items as well. The following is a brief sampling of the contents: Origin and signification of Schoharie, Poverty of Schoharie Germans, Ancient apple trees, Groat family settle in the Mohawk Valley, Strength of the Vrooman family, Burning of the Gaspee, Indian treaty in Schoharie, A female spy and Maj. Tallmadge, Murder of Durham and his wife, An Indian attempts to surprise a sentinel at the Upper Schoharie Fort. A new every-name index has been added to aid researchers in using this book. Thirty engravings.

Jeptha R. Simms

(1845), 2005, 5½x8½, paper, index, 2 vols., 692 pp.

ISBN: 9781556133930