Goochland County, Virginia Land Tax Book, 1789-1794


This publication contains entries from Goochland County 1789-1794, returned by three of the Land Tax Commissioners, Robert Lewis, Junr., Thomas Miller, and Archibald Pleasants. This book covers pages 96 through 208 of the Goochland County Land Tax Books 1782-1817. The Land Tax books contain the names of the Land Owners, the number of acres owned, the value per acre, the total value of the land and the amount of the Tax assessed for the total value of the land. After the Land Tax Book for 1793, there are reports of transferences, resurveys, etc., returned by the Commissioners for the years 1789-1793. The report show the former owner, the amount of the land, and the tax assessed; the new owner, the amount of land, and the tax assessed. The County Court book appears to be a compilation of loose papers in that the pages are not consecutively numbered. The page numbers shown in the Antient Press publication are for convenience of preparation and reference.

Ruth and Sam Sparacio

(1997), 2017, paper, 108 pp.

ISBN: 9781680343953