Colonial Americans of Royal and Noble Descent: Alleged, Proven, and Disproven


A family researcher's dream, this remarkable work is a master index to colonial Americans of royal descent whose pedigrees have been published in about one hundred English-language books and periodicals. The objective was to identify those Americans born during the colonial period (prior to 1776) who descend from an immigrant of royal ancestry, as shown in the published works cited, and especially to pick up all lines with surnames different from that of the royal immigrant. Entries are arranged alphabetically by surname, and then by given name. They include a few bits of geographical and biographical data that will facilitate a positive identification. Each entry ends with a reference to the royal immigrant and a citation to the source(s) where the pedigree will be found traced back to royalty. By reference to this work the reader can quickly determine whether or not his colonial ancestors are of known royal descent, or are likely candidates to be so descended, or if perhaps their lineage has been corrected or disproved. An index of "buried" surnames is included.


Patricia Ann Scherzinger


(1996), 2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 630 pp.

ISBN: 9780788404672