Monocacy and Catoctin, Volume 2


This volume covers European origins with references. Bibliography of genealogies of families: Wood, Birely, Weller, Meyerhoffer, Brown, Braun, Spannseller, Weybright, Hesson, Reifsnider, Fisher, Schildknecht and Shuff in Western Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania. Chapters include: Our Family Names; European Origins of Settlers; Genealogy List: Family Histories of Interest in Western Maryland and Neighboring Pennsylvania; Early Roads, Fords and Bridges; Wood Families of Woodsboro; Birely and Byerly Families; Weller and Related Families; Descendants of Philip and Barbara Sponseller (Spannseiler); Meyerhoeffer Families; Brown and Braun Families of Carroll County; Weybright and Waybright Families; Hesson and Hessong Families; Reifsnider and Related Families; Descendants of Thomas Fisher and Related Families; Schildknecht and Related Families; Shuff Families; Additions to Monocacy and Catoctin, Vol. I; and, Index of Family Names.

C. E. Schildknecht

(1989, 2001), 2014, 5½x8½, paper, index, 692 pp.

ISBN: 9781585494781