The Minute Book of Sussex County, New Jersey, Court Records, 1764 through 1766


 Ms. Stark and her son have done a great service in preserving these now inaccessible records. When they started to transcribe the Minute Book of Sussex County, ten years ago (early 1980s), the pages were already falling apart, their information on the verge of being lost forever. Now the originals are no longer available to the public due to the delicate condition of the pages.

Great pains have been taken by the authors to transcribe as accurately as possible the court reporters’ writings and to preserve the names in their original spellings. Chronologically arranged with a name index included to speed searching for specific individuals, these court records are a great, easily accessible source of information for early Sussex County.


Brad and Carol Stark


(1993), 2021, 5½x8½, paper, index, 164 pp

ISBN: 9781556137907