History of St. George's Parish [Virginia]


St. George's Parish, in the County of Spotsylvania, Diocese of Virginia, dates back to 1721, when the county and the parish were created by act of law. The book begins with a list of eighteen rectors of the parish up to 1890, then presents a biographical sketch of Philip Slaughter. The central portion of the book contains Rev. Slaughter's history of the parish (including St. George's Church) up to 1847, following which are several appendices. Firstly, there is an account of Governor Spotswood's 1716 expedition to the mountains, accompanied by the Spotswood genealogy. Next there is a list of Executives of Virginia from 1710 to 1775, then a list of Vestrymen of St. George's Parish from 1726 to 1847, then a list of Lay Delegates to the Convention from 1785 to 1890, then an account of Trinity Church in St. George's Parish with its own lists of Vestrymen and Lay Delegates.

Philip Slaughter; R. A. Brock, editor

(1890), 1998, 90 pp.

ISBN: 9780788408489