Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England, Volume III: Court Orders, 1651-1661


This third volume of the records of court orders of the Colony of New Plymouth was transcribed from the handwritten records of Mr. Nathaniel Morton, secretary of the colony. Specifically, this edition comprises the records of the latter part of the administration of Governor William Bradford, and the first part of that of Governor Thomas Prence; covering the period from March 1651 to July 1661. This work is a comprehensive collection of the daily court records of New Plymouth, Massachusetts, and is an exceptional source for genealogical research. Relevant information includes: lists of assistants to the governor, schedules of freemen, rolls of constables and deputies of surrounding towns, surveyors of public property, names of the grand inquest, jury rosters, etc. Less pertinent to genealogy but still of interest are other records: accounts of wolves killed by Indians, a law requiring two witnesses to condemn a man, fines for drunkenness, description of fines for exchanging guns with Indians, and so on. This book of records paints a realistic picture of life in colonial New England. It is an elucidating look into a time long past. An index to full-names, places and subjects adds to the value of this work.

Nathaniel B. Shurtleff

(1855, 1998), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, index, 260 pp
ISBN: 9780788409110