Newport Seventh Day Baptist Trilogy


Newport Seventh Day Baptist Trilogy - Ilou M. Sanford & Don A. Sanford. For both the historian and the genealogist, the Seventh Day Baptist Church of Newport, Rhode Island is unique. Founded in 1671 from Baptist roots, its members were deeply involved in the formative years of our nation in religious, political and educational development. Their descendants were a part of the westward migrations. The church records are an important source of historical and family history covering more than three centuries. This Newport history is recorded in three parts. Part I, “Entering Into Covenant,” is a documented history of the church itself, including its founding, its meeting house, which still stands as a part of the Newport Historical Society property, and the impact of its members on the life of colonial America. Part II, “Membership Records,” contains a list of members of the First Baptists of Newport from 1671 until 1884, when the church ceased to exist. The repetition of names on lists of different time periods may help to delineate family connections of some of the church members. A portion of the membership records of the First Baptist Church is included to show the names of those who separated to form the Seventh Day Baptist Church. Part III, “Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard Is Not Bare,” is a genealogical study of the descendants of Samuel and Tacy Hubbard, the most prominent family of their time, and active members of the First Baptist Church in Newport. The listings of these families were compiled from records and genealogies within the archives of the Seventh Day Baptist Historical Society. A surname index adds to the value of this work. (1998, 2004), 2011, paper, index, 108 pp.

ISBN: 9780788409813