Sonoma County, California Cemetery Records, 1846-1921: Third Edition


The original 1941 edition of this work contained information on 90 locations and included 11,259 names, plus 12 pages of death notices taken from old Sonoma County newspapers published between 1854 and 1860. Only five copies were made. In 1976, the second edition was printed by the Sonoma County Genealogical Society (SCGS). Three cemeteries were added, for a total of 11,996 names, and 14 more pages of death notices were added from newspapers for the period 1856-1874. All 105 copies of the 1976 edition were quickly sold to local genealogists and historians. It is the intent of the present printing to point out problems in the earlier editions, to offer more reasonable data if found, and to encourage the user to do further research.

This book is arranged alphabetically by cemetery, and alphabetically by surname within each cemetery. Each cemetery listing may consist of either one or two tables. The first table contains the information read from tombstones in the original study. The second table, if present, is an addendum which contains additional information from the text about any of the entries in the first table or, in some cases, new information. Some cemeteries, especially the larger ones, may include a family plot designation. Data is organized by columns, as follows: Surname, Given Names, Family Plot, Parents, Spouse, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Age (year, month, day), and comments. The index lists surnames and given names of each individual that appears in this book, together with the name of the cemetery and the page range for that cemetery.

Sonoma County Genealogical Society, Inc.

(1999), 2009, 8½x11, paper, alphabetical, index, 622 pp.

ISBN: 9780788412080