John Vert and His Descendants from Scotland and Canada to Michigan


John Vert and His Descendants from Scotland and Canada to Michigan - Celina Sweet-Vert-Salvador. This work was researched by Christabel Vert-Mattson, Shirly Vert-Jergler and Celina Sweet-Vert. “Our search was centered on Great-grandfather, John Vert. He was the first whose records unfurl the life of our own this side of the Atlantic. His father, also John Vert, was reputed to be a sea captain when he first touched our shores.” The book opens with a brief historical overview of Scotland that sheds light on the reasons for migration to Canada. Failure of the potato crop during the early 1800s led to mass evictions by Highland landlords. Later, the Scottish Industrial Revolution, beginning in 1830, replaced much of the existing agriculture and textile based economy with heavy industry. The resultant conditions of poverty lead many displaced persons to make the journey to the New World. John Vert made this crossing between 1820–1821, traveling with John and William Grieve. Records are grouped by family name, including: Campbell (three generations), Edmunds, Henson, Jergler, Lund (two generations), MacDougald (six generations), McCormick, McPherson (three generations), Moore, Stephen, Stonehouse, Sturdy (two generations), and Vert (eight generations). Individual records provide information for both male and female descendants, and list (as available): place of birth, date of birth, date of baptism, marriage date and location, spouse’s full name, children (with varying amounts of information), place of death and date of death. Records include source citations. Some records include biographical sketches, excerpts from letters, and obituaries. A full-name index completes this work.

(2000), 2014 5½x8½, paper, index, 112 pp.

101-S1686 ISBN: 0788416863