History of The Town of Townsend, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, From The Grant of Hathorn's Farm, 1676-1878


Topics include the physical geography of the town, land grants and original proprietors with accounts of early settlers, ecclesiastical history with accounts of significant leaders, the Baptists and Universalists, meeting-houses, military units, cemeteries and bequests, the Revolutionary War, the Shays rebellion, educational history, mills and manufacturers, the War of the Rebellion, lawyers and physicians, college graduates, prominent individuals, town officers, marriages, brief genealogical sketches of the descendants of Daniel Adams and the Whitney family, and much more. Lists of names, excerpts from original documents, numerous portraits of significant citizens, and a new full-name index augment the text.

Ithamar B. Sawtelle

1878, (2021), paper, index, 526 pp.

ISBN: 9780788417931