Police Records and Recollections; or, Boston by Daylight and Gaslight for Two Hundred and Forty Years


“The duties of the Police Officer afford peculiar opportunities for the study of human nature; and the views of city life, by him witnessed, present a wide field not only for the pen of the novelist or critic, but also for the hand of the philanthropist and Christian.” This chronicle of the Boston Watch and Police (spanning 1631 through 1873), together with observations of everyday police transactions, by one of Boston’s police officers demonstrates that truth is very often stranger than fiction—and every bit as intriguing! A series of vignettes, written with obvious good humor and compassion, form the bulk of this book. Sit back and enjoy this taste of city life at street level, flavored by fascinating historical tidbits, interesting incidents and colorful characters. Meet the joking Lieutenant, the drunken lecturer, and even the author’s cat! Individual tales are brief, but it’s hard to read just one… The text is enlivened by several charming illustrations and poems. A new fullname index is a bonus to researchers.

Edward H. Savage

(1873), reprint, 5½x8½, paper, index, 411 pp. 

ISBN: 9780788420412