Of Them That Left a Name Behind: A History of the Starnes Family


This volume traces the family immigration route from Alzey (a small village in Germany), to Holland, to London, to New York; from upstate New York to Virginia, then to North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Louisiana. It encompasses their participation in the making of American Frontier history on several fronts: early wilderness settlement; Indian fighting; and militia service in the French and Indian, Revolutionary, and 1812 wars. Were they fiction, the true documented adventures of some of our ancestors would make them heroes in any early American historical novel. Over 200 maps and photographs show where our Starnes/Starns ancestors lived, farmed, fought, died and are buried from the Hudson valley in New York to the Holston and Clinch in Virginia; the Kentucky River, Cane Creek in North Carolina; Lee and Nolichucky valleys in Tennessee; and the Tickfaw in Louisiana. Numerous lines and branches are presented in the extensive genealogical listings. This writing makes available an enlightening, entertaining narrative with supporting genetic lineages of this extremely colorful old family in the annals of American history. The detailed historical account and genealogical data contained in this compilation will allow most Stanes/Starns descendants to trace their individual line of ancestry. Appendices address the unrelated English Stearns/Starns line and the apparently related early family of Charles Starnes in South Carolina. The probabilities of direct immigration to Virginia and North Carolina from Europe are also discussed, as is that via Pennsylvania. Unable to make the New York Palatine connection, earlier searchers surmised that the old Virginia Starnes family of German descent must have come directly from Germany or Pennsylvania.

H. Gerald Starnes and Herman Starnes

(2002), 2010, 5½x8½, cloth, index, 814 pp.

ISBN: 9780788421419