A Grassroots History of the American Civil War, Volume I: The Life and Times of Pvt. Ephraim Cooper, One of Mr. Lincoln's First Volunteers


Volume One primarily focuses on the years from 1845 to June, 1861. To the citizens of northeast Ohio, the issues of slavery and secession directly threatened their economy, their way of life, their commerce, and certain aspects of their liberty. These heated political issues, the stances taken by the influential local people, and the family circumstances in young Ephraim Cooper's environment led him to immediately volunteer to help save the Union. Amidst the uncertainty for the future and the excitement of the present, Cooper joined the Tyler Guards, an outfit that became Company G in the three months' service of the 7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. The book is augmented with photos, notes, a bibliography, index and an appendix that contains rosters of the Franklin Rifles and Tyler Guards.

Richard J. Staats 

2003, 5½x8½, paper, index, 180 pp.

ISBN: 9780788423734