Early School Attendance Records of Sonoma County, California, Beginning 1858


Early School Attendance Records of Sonoma County, California, Beginning 1858 - Sonoma County Genealogical Society. This volume contains school attendance records beginning in 1858 and generally ranging to the 1920s, with a few beyond that date. For all students recorded, it contains the name of student, school attended, date of first and last school record, and in most cases, the age and grade of the student at entry and/or exit. It provides a broad selection of the public schools in Sonoma County, California, at the time of recording. The genealogical value of these records is similar, in many ways, to the value of tax records. They place a child in a certain school at a certain date. Because of the sporadic nature of the attendance of some children, one might assume they were either the children of migrant workers or of farm families where they were needed to help on the farm. Copies of the original registers are located in the History and Genealogy Library, Santa Rosa, California, and in the Sonoma County archives. A list of schools is included in this study, and a list of those not included can be found at the History and Genealogy Library. An extra bonus is that in some, but not in all cases, birth dates, information on transfer to or from another location, and notes about irregular or intermittent attendance are included. This is one of a series of publications developed by the Special Projects Committee for the Sonoma County Genealogical Society from data in Sonoma County archives.

2004, 8½x11, alphabetical, 496 pp.

101-S2506 ISBN: 0788425064