Passengers of the Fortune (1621)


The Fortune was the second English ship destined for Plymouth Colony, one year after the Mayflower. Financed by the London-based Merchant Adventurers, the Fortune transported thirty-five settlers on a four-month voyage and reached Cape Cod on 9 November 1621, arriving at the colony itself in late November.

Although most of the information on the passengers of the Fortune has been published by Robert Charles Anderson in the Great Migration Study Project, this current compilation presents information in a new format to help researchers see connections in a new light. Anderson’s write-ups have been used as a starting point for genealogical sketches for each passenger, and have been updated whenever possible using research published in the last fifteen years, with the discovery of new English origins and other biographical information. The methodology, closely based on the Great Migration Project, is described in an introduction, and all statements in the genealogical sketches are linked to documentary citations.

Passenger surnames include: Adams, Bassett, Beale, Bumpas (Bompasse), Brewster, Briggs, Cannon, Conner (Coner), Cushman, Deane, Delano (de la Noye), Flavel, Ford, Hicks (Hix), Hilton, Morgan, Morton, Nicolas, Palmer, Pitt, Prence, Simonson, Stacy, Steward, Tench, Winslow, and Wright.

This work was originally compiled for the Delano Kindred 2021 Reunion in Plymouth and Duxbury, Massachusetts. A full-name index, an index of places, and an index to ships add to the value of this work.

W. Becket Soule

2023, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 176 pp.

ISBN: 9780788426551