Tartans for the Irish!: Suggested Tartans for Irish and Ulster Scots Names


Tartan is a living textile art form with a tradition that began in the Highlands of Scotland. The Scots came from Ireland in the fifth century and for a millennium the two nations shared a mutual culture and a mutual language. What they did not share was the development of tartan. Historically, the Irish did not wear tartans; however, there are names associated with certain tartans that are clearly Irish in origin. A brief examination of the history of the tartan in Ireland, Irish names, and the divisions of Ireland precede the "Tartan-Name" list. "Septs" and "Clans," spelling differences among names, and the "Ulster tartan" are also discussed. Surnames are arranged alphabetically, providing quick reference to the right tartan for you. One or more tartans are suggested for each surname. A map of Irish districts augments the text.


 Philip D. Smith, Jr.


(2006), 2008, 8½x11, paper, alpha., 92 pp.

ISBN: 9780788435904