Thomas Paschall and Family

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Thomas Paschall and Family - Suzanne P. Lamborn. Thomas Paschall, the immigrant, and his wife, Joanna Sloper were French Huguenots who fled England. More than a genealogical account of their descendants and related families, this is an account of ordinary people who had their goods taken for non-payment of the tithes, were imprisoned and were glad to go to Penn's woods to start a new life. In studying the early Friends who settled New Jersey, Welch Barony and Pennsylvania; they intermarried so well that they can trace ancestry to almost anyone else through cousins or aunts and uncles. Illustrations, facsimile reprints of vintage photographs, a bibliography, and an index enhance the text. 2003, 8½x11, paper, 296 pp. 101-S3616 ISBN: 0788436163