Early School Attendance Records of Sonoma County, California: Volume II 1874-1932


Volume II consists of a set of selected school attendance record pages which were duplicated from school registers. This volume contains over 12,000 listings of pupils in nineteen schools and ranges in date from 1874 to 1932. These records do not lend themselves to determining the date of first entry or last record for a given student at a particular school as was the case in Volume I. Record fields include: surname of student, given name of student, parent, address (or general area), school district, date or date range, age and/or grade within the date range, birth date, and left/comments. Many of the schools covered in this volume where also covered in Volume I, so some children may be covered in both volumes, but not necessarily for the same time period. Copies of the original registers are located in the History and Genealogy Library of the Sonoma County Library located in Santa Rosa, California. A list of schools is included in this study.

Sonoma County Genealogical Society

2007, 8½x11, paper, alphabetical, 394 pp.

ISBN: 9780788441844