Newspaper Extracts from "The Hoosier State", Newport, Vermillion County, Indiana, January 1886-December 28, 1887


One of the earliest newspapers for Vermillion County, Indiana, was the Hoosier State. It was bought by Samuel Brenton Davis from Henry D. Washburn in 1868. It was published weekly. The early issues contained practically no local news, their space given to politics and world news. Only rarely was a death given, or a marriage, and then in the shortest possible manner. The retail advertising was almost entirely of Terre Haute stores. The style of the newspaper gradually changed and in the 1870s, local births, marriages, deaths, and business happenings began to appear. In addition to the abundance of names and relationships, news articles tell us a lot about the customs, lifestyles, and priorities of the times. Voter lists, orphan records, lists of unclaimed letters, teacher and student lists, real estate transfers, and court happenings are among the items covered. In the 1880s, several correspondents from local towns sent in local news.

Not only did the newspaper contain information for Vermillion County, but the surrounding counties—Warren, Fountain, Parke, and Vigo—can be found as well. Since Vermillion County, Indiana, and Vermilion County, Illinois are right next to each other, be sure to check Illinois also. Quite often, families would visit or send letters from where they came from or where they moved to. The early newspapers are a gold mine to the genealogist. They contain information that you cannot find anywhere but in the local newspaper. A fullname index adds to the value of this work.

Carolyn Schwab

2006, 8½x11, paper, index, 280 pp.

ISBN: 9780788442049