The Sterling/Storing Family of Upstate and Northern New York: Original Descendants of the Staring Family of the Mohawk Valley, New York [2 volumes]


This extensive family history reveals the author’s relationship to the Staring family of the Mohawk Valley [Palatine settlers who emigrated to New York in 1710], to the Storrin family now living in St. Lawrence County, New York, as well as to the Sterling family found in parts of Jefferson and Oneida Counties, New York. Further, two of the researcher’s grandfathers (2nd and 3rd removed) were mustered into the Civil War in Sackets Harbor, and a third (4th removed) fought on Horse Island in Sackets Harbor during the War of 1812 with his regiment, the Albany Volunteers. Originally believing she was Dutch, and looking in Holland for early ancestors, the author discovered her family was among those 3,000 Palatines who emigrated to New York from the Rhine Valley, Germany, having been driven for many reasons in that time to seek refuge in America. Research led Beverly Sterling to the discovery that her ancestors had lived in the same New York town where she now resides.

This book includes historic archives, governmental records, vital statistics, and census data, as well as DNA test results. It also provides excerpts from military pension records and ties the Sterling ancestors into generations of military service including their personal experiences during periods of war. Historic family images are included which have been handed down over the last century.

Known family surnames include: Adams, Bacon, Bettinger, Bloodough, Brott, Crandall, Cushman, Desmore, Ethridge, Haskins, Hazelwood, Hicks, Hoover, Howe, Jones, Kio, Klock, Labow, Laidlaw, Leach, Manning, Matthews, Maxiner, Metzler, Noble, Paineau, Randall, Reed, Schryver, Shoecraft, Sibley, Smith, Snyder, Stowell, Tripp, Van Brocklin, Wells, Westcott, Wilder, Withington, Wood and many more!

Beverly K. Sterling

2010, 8½x11, paper, index, 2 vols., 894 pp.

ISBN: 9780788447532