Rev. Seth Noble: A Revolutionary War Soldier's Promise of America and the Founding of Bangor, Maine and Columbus, Ohio


This is the comprehensive biography of Reverend Seth Noble—famous preacher, patriot and pioneer founding father. With the discovery and transcription of one of Rev. Seth Noble’s earliest sermons (1774), we find that he believed the American Revolution to be God’s plan to bring a global reformation to the world. He firmly believed that America was God’s true Promised Land. This early sermon preserves a place for Seth Noble in Revolutionary War history; he publicly preached American independence prior to our beloved Virginians: Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. Throughout New England and Nova Scotia, his cry “Better die than Submit!” launched his Revolutionary War service. He braved treason and lived with a price on his head, all for his beliefs in “this glorious cause.” After the war, the reality of forming a new nation brought hardships we cannot fully comprehend today.

Included in this book, is a deposition clearly identifying a surprisingly well-known individual as a British spy, new information on Washington’s famous crossing of the Delaware, the 1798 shipwreck of the Bangor-built schooner (Susannah) with a passenger list including the children of important Revolutionary War heroes, and a brief Noble genealogy. Seth Noble named Bangor for a popular Revolutionary War hymn tune; early sheet music and musical history of this tune is studied in depth. Seth Noble was also the first minister to Columbus, Ohio and researchers will appreciate the inclusion of Ohio land grants, maps, documents, and early history.

Our early history is not dead nor is it completely in the past. It is a part of our American heritage that must be nurtured with continued understanding and appreciation for those who made our American dream possible. This book is a must have for those interested in early Maine, Ohio, and New Brunswick history; and indeed, for anyone interested in this time period of early American nation-building. An index to names, places and subjects completes this work.

Carol B. Smith Fisher

2009, 5½x8½, paper, index, 222 pp.

SBN: 9780788450495

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