The DesLoges Family


The main purpose of this book is to show the origin of the DesLoges-Deloache family and, by a series of sketches, to show the direct line of descent of the Reverend Zebulon DeLoache and his children from the first known ancestor. Data on collateral lines generally has been omitted with the thought that full information can or will be included in family records compiled by descendants in those lines. Sketches are included for: Michael DesLoges, the immigrant to Virginia; William DeLoach; William DeLoach, Jr.; Thomas DeLoach; Michael Allison DeLoache; Samuel DeLoache; Thomas DeLoache, Jr.; Allison DeLoache; Zebulon DeLoache; and James Nathaniel DeLoache. Vintage photographs enhance the text.

Joseph E. Steadman

(1981), 2012, 6x9, paper, 84 pp.

ISBN: 9780788454455