Bristol, Connecticut, ("In the Olden Time New Cambridge") Which Includes Forestville


This is a comprehensive history of Bristol, Connecticut, “the hustling town among the hills of Hartford County.” It covers from “the time that the hardy settlers of Farmington pushed their way through the woods and underbrush to what is now Bristol, to the present period of great commercial and social prosperity.”

Chapters include a wide variety of topics: Indians of Bristol and Vicinity; “Compound,” a Tunxis Chieftan; Bristol in 1721; Bristol; Katherine Gaylord, Heroine; West Street, 1907; Prehistoric Remains of the Tunxis Valley; The Story of Fall Mountain; Moses Dunbar, Loyalist; The Tory Den; The Leather Man; The Pequabuck River; History of First Congregational Church; The Founders and Their Homes, or a Century Sketch of the Early Bristol Families, 1663 to 1763; The Baptist Church, Compiled Largely from a Sketch Prepared by Roswell Atkins in 1880; Rambles Among the Bristol Birds; History of School District No. 9 (1796–1896); Diatoms of Bristol; Prospect Methodist Episcopal Church; The Strange Yankee Game, Wicket; Trinity Church; Notes about the First Episcopal Church; Old Episcopal Cemetery; Brightwood Hall; Bristol’s Early Industries; The Bristol Press; The Yankee Clock Industry; Company D, First Infantry, C.N.G.; St. Joseph’s Church; Reminiscences of Youthful Pastimes; German Evangelic Lutheran Zion Church; The Swedish Congregational Church; The Swedish Lutheran Lebanon Congregational Church; Swanston’s Orchestra; Natural History Photography; Present Industries of Bristol; The Sessions Foundry Company; The West Hill Club and the Brick Hotel; The Bristol Gun Club; Copper Mines in Bristol; History of the Advent Christian Church; genealogical sketches of prominent citizens, most with portraits; Auto Tragedy; The Schools of Bristol; School District No. 10; The North Side School District, No. 2; The Bradleyites; Forestville; Sporting Bristol; Fraternal Bristol; Katherine Gaylord Chapter, D.A.R.; Bristol Homes; and Forestville Homes.

Numerous photographs of homes, commercial buildings and other places, artifacts, significant figures, group portraits, and much more enhance the text. A List of Advance Subscribers and a brief index to full names, places and subjects add to the value of this work.


Eddy N. Smith, George Benton Smith, Allena J. Bates


(1907), 2013, 5½x8½, paper, 716 pp.

ISBN: 9780788454585