Marine Corps Deaths, 1917-1921


Information was gleamed from several sources, including Record Group 127, Records of the United States Marine Corps, Entry 107, Register of Deaths of Marine Corps Personnel During World War I, 1918–19 (the Officer List and the Enlisted List), housed at the National Archives in Washington, D. C.; Officers and Enlisted Men of the United States Marine Corps (except Overseas Dead) Who Died Between November 12, 1918 and November 17, 1921, Inclusive, along with documents of other deaths not yet sourced properly; the Marine Corps Roll of Honor, Annual Report of the Secretary of the Navy for 1918; and other privately possessed records.

Each entry gives the name of the Marine, rank, company, regiment, cause of death, date and place of death, and name and address of next of kin. Entries are followed by source information; source codes are identified on the Abbreviations page. It is not unusual for the dates of death to differ between the official report and the date found on the tombstone. This discrepancy is usually a few days; however, in cases where it is longer, the discrepancy is noted. A death entry, even taken from a tombstone, may not indicate the actual burial of an individual; many tombstones are memorial stones and may not be located at the actual burial site. In some cases, there is a memorial in one cemetery and a tombstone in another. The Marines who died on the U.S.S. Cyclops were lost at sea, yet several have tombstones.

Craig R. Scott

2013, 5½x8½, paper, alphabetical, 438 pp.

ISBN: 9780788454875